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Event Management Service in Islamabad

Event Management Service in Islamabad, Rawalpindi is all about applying the best of project management techniques for the creation and development major events e.g. festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings etc. In this spectrum Delivery 6 studies the client, identify its target audience and devising the concept, and gel the technical aspects to make the best of Event Management & Catering in Islamabad, Rawalpindi. We provide high quality services based on a cost-effective experience and we are always in high demand as we ensure not only top food provision, but also know how to make the your event attractive. As a top Event Management & Service in Islamabad, Rawalpindi we love to work with the entire theme or color scheme of the event including stage setup and decor, background props, entrance, reception, and other essentials like seating arrangement etc.

As a key player engaged in Event Management & Catering in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, we are proud and consider only the finest of items for decor or fresh ingredients for a food menu for any event. Regardless of the type of occasion, whether you are looking for a simple but elegant buffet or a gigantic but well organized reception, Delivery6 as a dominant Event Management Service in Islamabad, Rawalpindi play around quality, standards and excellence for food preparation, presentation and management, delivery service etc. We always pay a detailed attention during the event planning on your behalf or even with a third party for any subsidiary service employed by you. Because we believe that any success is collaborative with a trust from the client as a key. That is why as we have managed to stand among Event Management & Catering in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and are always eager and confident to facilitate you in every single or minute aspect of your event. Our services comprise but not limited to:

  • Arrange Rental Facility
  • Food Menu Design, Quantity & Quality Management, Delivery
  • Décor, Floral Arrangements, Furnishings
  • Weddings and Receptions
  • Official Ceremonies, Seminars etc.

We believe that every event is different from another in terms of flow, ambiance, audience and flair. That is why we as a best Event Management Service in Islamabad, Rawalpindi focus on brainstorming a list of ideas and set our resources to create an ideal party or event setting. So if you are looking forward for events based on exclusive, modern and civilized themes, then contact us to provide you with the best of Event Management & Catering in Islamabad, Rawalpindi.


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Delivery6 is the leading online platform for food delivery. We provide food delivery services to choose from more than 1000s of restaurants in Islamabad. so download Delivery6 food delivery mobile apps islamabad which made the food order and delivery much easier and faster as you can get your favorite me
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