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Delivery 6 - Important Information

Our services are currently limited to Islamabad & Rawalpindi region only though we will expand it in future for other cities. For twin cities citizens it will take around approximately 45 minutes to deliver an order after confirmation call from customer. Any of the online order will not be entertained if the customer does not respond to the confirmation call.

The delivery of food items is free from all caterers, restaurants who are registered to us however additional Rs.200 will be charged for delivery from restaurants, caterers which are not registered to us.

Delivery 6 will not be responsible for the quality or quantity of the food, meals provided by the caterer as the preparation of meal and original receipt, charges lies on the behalf of caterer.   We will also not be responsible for in price updates, changes or hikes against any of the menu item from any caterer, bakery, restaurant etc.

Our Timings are of 12pm to 12am daily e.g. 24/7.  

The Original Restaurant Receipt will be given with the order to the beloved customer for satisfaction and authenticity.

About US

Delivery6 is the leading online platform for food delivery. We provide food delivery services to choose from more than 1000s of restaurants in Islamabad. so download Delivery6 food delivery mobile apps islamabad which made the food order and delivery much easier and faster as you can get your favorite me
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